Family Law

Our Burlington County Law Office has legal answers to all your legal questions.

Prenuptial & Post-Nuptial Agreements

Are you getting married in South Jersey? 

Our prenuptial law firm can help prepare your prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements. 


Thinking about adopting a child?

Call our Burlington County law office to discuss the filing process and laws pertaining to Adoption in New Jersey. 

Legal consultations are available in our office just a short distance from Mercer County. 


Contact one of Burlington County’s well-respected divorce lawyer, Joseph F. Polino. 

Schedule a consultation on how he can guide you through this confusing and difficult time. 

Find out about getting a divorce in New Jersey. 

Get answers about an uncontested divorce. 

Our Divorce Attorney has the knowledge and experience in handling of the most difficult & complex divorces. 

Child Custody & Parenting Time/Visitation 

Our custody attorneys have the experience to handle complex issues while seeking custody.

Legal consultations with our law firm can offer legal advise or a second opinion about custody issues during and after a divorce. 

Find out how the Superior Court decides who will have custody of the child(ren) during and after a divorce.

Will there be visitation for the other parent? 

If the Superior Court decides the other parent will have visitation or parenting time, what day(s) & time(s) will it be, and where will the child(ren) go during the visitation?

What happens when there is a holiday? 

All these questions and more can be answered during your consultation in our Moorestown Law Office near Mercer County. 

Our child custody lawyers also assist those who are not the biological parent seeking custody. 

Get answers today to all your legal questions about custody of your child(ren). 

Child Support

Support is necessary to properly care for your child(ren) regardless if you were married to the other parent.  

Contact our Burlington County attorney who handles child support filings throughout South Jersey. 

Answers to the questions of how much child support will you receive or how much would you have pay for your child(ren) . 

If you are going through a divorce how much will you will receive or pay during and after the divorce? 

Who pays for medical, clothing, school and recreational expenses? 

Our Family Law Firm has the answers to all of these questions and many more. 


Also known as spousal support.

How do I proceed to see if I am entitled to alimony or required to pay alimony?

Contact our alimony Attorney who has the answers to your alimony questions. 

Property Settlement 

 Matrimonial assets, properties, Vacation homes, Pension/401K, Stocks & Bonds, Vehicles & personal property inside the home. 

Our Mediation Law Firm near Camden County can help settle divorce matters. 

How will these assets be divided? 

At your legal consultation get the answers about assets you had prior to the marriage.


Do you have a special needs child or would like to become a guardian to a child?

Contact our lawyers near Ocean County to find out about filing in the Superior Court. 

New Jersey Father’s Rights

As a Father you have rights,do you know what your rights are? We can help! 

All legal consultations are by appointment only, call to schedule an appointment today. 

Have paternity questions? Our Ocean County paternity lawyers have the answers. 


Swimming in Debt? 

Are you facing Foreclosure or Eviction? We can help! 

Are you and your spouse both in debt? 

What happens if divorce caused the out of control debt? 

Find out your rights for filing Bankruptcy during or after the divorce.

Schedule a legal consultation with our Bankruptcy lawyer to answer all your questions.

Domestic Violence & Assault 

Whether you are a victim of domestic violence or being accused of domestic assault, our family attorneys can explain your rights and how to proceed. 

Restraining Orders (TRO) & Final Restraining Orders (FRO)

Whether you need a Restraining Order or have a Restraining Order issued against you. Find out your rights today! 

D.C.P.P. / D.Y.F.S.

D.C.P.P. - Division of Child Protection & Permanency

former known as D.Y.F.S. - Division of Youth & Family Services

Has D.C.P.P become involved with your family regarding your child(ren)? 

These court hearings are often confusing, contact us today for an explanation on what to expect. 

Our South Jersey Law Office offers defense for Termination of Parental Rights 

Juvenile Matters

Has you minor child been charged with a juvenile complaint of a criminal nature? 

Has your minor child receive a traffic violation? 

Regardless of the type offense, contact our Family attorney to find out the repercussions on your minor child’s future. 

Real Estate

Our Real Estate attorneys handles residential and commercial real estate transactions. 

  • Selling a property during a divorce or separation 
  • Real Estate contract review and closing representation
  • Property Deed preparation and filings with the County 
  • Title disputes 
  • Selling a property you inherited 
  • Commercial property purchases 
  • Purchasing a short sale 
  • Purchasing bank owned or foreclosed property
  • Out of state town home purchases

Grandparent Rights 

Grandparents have rights too! 

Contact our attorneys for more information on your rights to be involved with grandchild(ren).

Estate Planning 

Protect your estate whether you are getting married, are married or recently divorced.


Our Moorestown Estate Planning Law Firm can prepare or update all your Estate documents. 

  • Last Will and Testaments
  • Codicils
  • Living Wills
  • Healthcare Directives
  • Power of Attorney (POA)
  • Revocable Trust
  • Irrevocable Trust
  • Children Guardianship
  • Probate Last Will and Testament
  • Contest a Probated Will


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