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Being charged with a criminal offense in New Jersey is not only stressful and unsettling but a complicated process.   

An experienced trial attorney is your best defense. Whether the charge is assault, domestic violence, theft, drugs or any other type of accusation, allow our attorneys fight to protect your rights. 


Criminal records often prevent a person charged with a criminal offense in New Jersey from getting a job they applied to or being able to secure the residence of their dreams.  

Filing an expungement is a way to remove certain arrests from your New Jersey Criminal Record. 

Even if your charges were dismissed the record remains until a Petition is filed with the court requesting removal of the charges.  

Not all offenses are eligible to be removed from your arrest record, however our experience attorneys keep up to date with changes to the statutes.  

Call the attorneys at Pinto and Polino, P.C. to schedule an appointment to see how we can file the proper documents needed to erase your past arrests or convictions.   

An expungement not prepared or filed correctly, will be rejected from the State and cause delay in moving forward with your life without an arrest record. 

Dismissal of a charge, certain criminal offenses and those eligible for early pathways are granted by the Superior Court everyday.  

Start the process today by calling Pinto and Polino, P.C. so you may be the next person granted a clear arrest or criminal record.