South Jersey’s Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer, Joseph M. Pinto, a Partner in the Moorestown Law Firm - Polino and Pinto, P.C., is licensed to practice in the New Jersey District Court and the Eastern Pennsylvania District Court.  Our firm has been assisting clients from New Jersey and Pennsylvania for over 40 years! 


Swimming in Debt? Polino and Pinto, P.C. is a Burlington County Bankruptcy Law Firm

If you're drowning in credit card debt, facing eviction, or foreclosure and can't seem to tread water, personal bankruptcy may be one of the ways to find some relief. 

But it can be a confusing process. 

The experienced attorneys in Burlington County, New Jersey at the Law Firm of Polino and Pinto, P.C. can explain the procedure to file Bankruptcy in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  

There are three (3) types of consumer bankruptcy proceedings, Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11. 

The proceedings in Federal bankruptcy courts are governed by Federal Bankruptcy Law. 

Our Bankruptcy Litigation Attorney has the knowledge needed to find out which Chapter of bankruptcy could help you obtain debit relief from credit cards, or stop a foreclosure or an eviction. 

Schedule a legal consultation with Joseph M. Pinto, Esquire, Polino and Pinto, P.C. Law Firm's affordable Bankruptcy Court Lawyer.